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Advocate for Senior Residents - Examine issues that pose challenges for senior adults and spreading information and generating interest in our community, and working to encourage new policies that protect the elderly.


City Re-Vitalization - Build more opportunity for individuals and business owners. I want to open our doors to new small business and improve the economic climate for existing ones. This means reducing burdensome regulations when we are able, and providing resources to businesses looking to grow here at City of La Verne.


Communication with the Community - Create a culture of responsiveness. Transparency should be at the forefront of any government official’s thinking. Nothing should be done behind closed doors when it involves your tax dollars, and that’s why I’ve pledged to bring new measures of transparency to this office.


Leadership - Leadership skills are fundamental to the qualification of our leaders. However, with current environment, those skills are no longer be on just the usual of Honesty, Compassion, Confident, Flexibility, but very importantly, well-rounded Experiences as well.


LVPD and LVFD - La Verne has one of the best police force and first responders in region. We need to make sure they have the resources they need to protect and keep us and themselves safe. 



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